Our School - Voluntary Contributions

School contributions are voluntary and are a matter of choice for parents.

There is no charge for students to complete the minimum requirements of the school curriculum. All schools can ask for voluntary contributions from parents to enhance the educational programs they are providing.

The level of voluntary contributions is determined by the Principal in consultation with the school community as part of the Department of Education Code of Practice which is a part of the Voluntary school contributions Policy. Principals must ensure that no student or family suffers any discrimination or embarrassment if they do not make a voluntary contribution.

Confidentiality, privacy and dignity must always be maintained in relation to voluntary contributions. Many schools, particularly those in the lowest socio-economic communities, receive significant additional funding and grants to support student learning including increased Equity Funds.

Maitland High School charges for elective subjects. The Principal and relevant Faculty Head Teacher determine the level of subject contributions to cover the cost of consumable materials used in the teaching program. Parents who are unable to pay for elective subjects because of financial hardship may be eligible for assistance from the school. Parents wishing to access these funds should contact the Principal.

Please click here to download our 2019 Contributions Table