Our School - General information

School hours

 Our new 2019 bell times are shown in the table below. 

For more information about the upcoming changes, read Principal Paula Graham's letter to parents regarding new bell times for 2019. 

View maps of the school

Click here to find a  Street map showing location of school


Travel to and from school


Our nearest railway station is Victoria Street. The walk from station to school is 650m.


Our school is serviced by Hunter Valley buses. Information is available here. Contact us for information about transport routes or other travel arrangements to and from school.

Transport assistance

The school student transport scheme provides subsidised travel on rail, bus, ferry and long distance coach services for eligible students.For information about free travel for students, see the NSW Goverment page on School Student Transport Scheme

The private vehicle conveyance scheme is available to eligible families in isolated or rural areas where there is no accessible public transport. Parents are reimbursed for the costs of driving their children to a transport pick-up point.

Transport for students with disabilities

Students with a disability may be eligible for the Assisted School Travel Program.