Faculties - Library


Located in the iconic ‘Hinder House’, MHS Library is a positive and welcoming learning space for all members of the school community. With updated ICT and Learn2Learn classes, MHS Library is a flexible, dynamic and engaging space that supports whole-school literacy and learning.


MHS library has frequent installations, exhibitions and initiatives in collaboration students and other KLAs. This gives students ownership of the space and a place to celebrate their talents. 



In addition to our physical collection, we encourage students to access a variety of reliable online resources.


Quality scholarly reviewed journals, podcasts and online articles for senior students can be found on http://trove.nla.gov.au/

Access to local history and up to date eResources for all students is available at http://www.maitland.nsw.gov.au/library/

State library is a reliable resource for assessment tasks. All students can join the State library online: 


Teacher Librarian – Kate Adamson