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Maitland High School

32 High St

Phone: 02 4933 7933

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Our office Hours are 8:30am to 4:00pm

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School newsletter
If you would like to receive our school newsletter by email, you can register your email address. Go back to our homepage and in the bottom right of the screen is our Skoolbag App. One of the tab selections is "Sign Up". Enter your email address and we will add you to our newsletter mailout list. 

Contacting your child during the school day:
Please phone the front office and ask that a message is given to your child.
Contacting your child directly via his/her mobile phone can place the child in breach of school rules related to mobile phone usage.


We value your feedback
We are constantly improving the way we work, so let us know if you have any suggestions.
We'd also like to know if you think we're doing something well. It helps us to make sure we continue to do great things at Maitland High School.
We'll make sure your message is passed on.

What can a complaint be about?
You can make a complaint about:

  • any aspect of the services we provide
  • any decision, including those about enrolment
  • any practice, policy or procedure
  • staff behaviour or conduct

Making a complaint
We are committed to resolving complaints promptly at a local level. If you wish to make a complaint about our school, start by talking to the teacher or Principal.
We encourage you to raise your complaint directly in person, by email, over the telephone or by letter if you prefer.

Our Complaints Procedure for use by Community Members explains our complaints-handling procedure. To lodge a complaint, or to pay us a compliment, you can also use our complaints and compliments form. You will need to print out the form and give it or send it to the school.

For the Department's official page on complaints, compliments and suggestions about schools, visit their guide for parents, carers and students.
To make a complaint about a school principal or about a broader function of the department, you can use the online form on that page or email us at